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Snuggly ♥ Mississippi Newborn Photographer

I had to share a few session favorites.  Baby Trapper is a little doll!  He has the sweetest little face and lips.  ♥  Photographs of warm, snuggly babies are my faves.

Happy, Happy, Happy ♥ Mississippi Family Photographer

Read this:  (I LOVE Lynn Cartia’s words of wisdom!)

My favorite:  ”Yeah, these photographs get old, but they never go out of style. Their value only increases with time.”  ~Lynn Cartia

2016 has been FULL of love & laughter.  And it’s still not over!  I can’t even express my own joy at getting to witness all of this sweetness.  So I’ll just leave you with a couple of photographs worth a thousand words.  ♥


Fall is definitely here! ♥ Eupora, Mississippi Photographer

Wow.  I’m nearly speechless… I know it’s been a while since my last blog post.  Last Fall was a little slower than normal but let me tell you, this busy season has been a whirlwind!!!  I’m working 7 days a week and promise to get you all of your photographic goodies by your Christmas deadlines.  Feel free to email me to check on the progress of your session, order, card design… anything!

Of course I couldn’t post an update without PICTURES!  So here are a few from a sweet, sweet home birth (and newborn session) that I shot.

Fall is here ♥ Starkville, Mississippi Child Photographer

I love having these two for a session… always a fun and playful time and they have the sweetest mother/daughter relationship ever.  ♥

I know that I’ve shared a lot on Facebook about my new studio.  And I keep promising real (not cell phone) pics of it.  I’m going to try to begin to make that happen tomorrow and take pics before my sessions begin.  Let me just share with you how prayers are being answered in my life.  A year or so ago, I was beaten down…  tired.  The photography industry has a way of doing that to you after all the years.  I LOVE meeting people, snuggling babies and hanging out with your kids and photographing them but the business side of it is hard.  I was not sure that this was where God wanted me.   But I started to pray…  and not that business would be good and I could continue doing what I LOVE but I prayed that God would put me wherever he wanted me… anywhere and doing anything.  I would follow.

Well, things started to happen.  My kids are getting older and we just have too much space in this house.  I know, crazy right?!  (My husband might think I’m a little crazy too.  I could probably live in a tiny house.  Yes, even with 3 kids.  I mean, teenagers want out of the house any chance they get, right?!  They have way more of a social life than I do.)  Thoughts of selling the house brought up big questions about photography.  I’ve worked at home for 12 years.  Our old house is big and I’ve always had room for an office and studio.  Plus our yard was great for sessions all Spring, Summer & Fall.  I had NO idea where I would shoot outdoors.  So then I get a message from Danielle asking if I’d be interested in looking at some space to sublease from them.  (The Webster Athletic Club is awesome, by the way!  I totally need gym buddies to keep me motivated just as soon as the busy season is under control.}  There was a good bit of work to be done with the studio space but without a doubt, it’s the answer to our prayers.  I have natural light.  It’s IN town and there are WOODS!!

I was crazy happy and overwhelmed by God’s love and grace when I first sat at the computer and stared at these images taken right outside the doors of my studio.  I am so thankful.

Baby Love ♥ Mississippi Newborn Photographer

When I say a newborn session is heartwarming.  I truly mean it.  I’m not sure what happens but these little miracles relax me so.  I love them.  ♥  Nothing beats baby snuggles.

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