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Buddies ♥ Eupora, Mississippi Child Photographer

Tell Marshall that I’m sorry, Mindy (for calling him pretty) but these are the prettiest boys ever!!  Oh the mischief in their sweet little faces…  I LOVE images like this.  I’m so, SO glad that I get to capture fleeting moments for my clients every day.  They will be in high school before we know it…  it happens oh so quickly.

Call me for your July Mini!  ♥

Fabulous ♥ Mississippi Child Photographer

So, how do you know when a session is fabulous?!  You can be pretty sure when you want to share them all!!!  Baby Patrick is a little doll (in love with his rosy cheeks!)… He was seriously fabulous for his session.  And I’m pretty sure it was one of the hottest days of the year… he gets extra points for that!

Look at how this precious baby has grown in 6 short months…

One Pose – Print Collections

I will be at Choctaw Lake tomorrow morning offering Print Collections (similar to school packages – one pose or more if time allows).  There are a few spots open if you’d like to sign up.  It’s a GREAT opportunity to update your family photo or get a new shot of your (growing) children!

Choctaw Lake SIGN UP

Here are some shots from last summer at Choctaw Lake (did I mention that it’s beautiful there?!)…


And here are some (mostly) smiling faces from the last time I offered these print collections.  What a fun day it was and I’m SO looking forward to tomorrow!  ♥

Anticipation ♥ Starkville, Mississippi Newborn Photographer

Not much longer now…  Nicole’s maternity session at 36 weeks really reminded me of the excitement and anticipation of birth.  I think you never really forget it.  (and my last birth was over 8 years ago!)  I’m so happy for them and so excited to meet their sweet baby girl in a few weeks!

Call or message me to schedule your maternity or newborn session.  The new Mini Collection is perfect for your maternity session!

Love My Job ♥ Bruce, Mississippi Family Photographer

We had to try to dodge the rain and survive the Mississippi heat for their session but boy was it worth it.  This family was awesome!!  They braved the heat with me and they took me to the top of the world.  I really kinda wanted to be like Leo with arms stretched out wide… “I’m king of the world.”  ;)

I can just image that there is never a dull moment in the house with Carter & CJ.  They are adorable!  And I could have listened to them talk all day long!