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Studio Lighting ♥ Eupora, MS Photographer

I could be eating my words soon.  UPS left boxes at my door today.  I got a second light (been shooting with one AB – on the few days that I even use it)  for almost 10 years now!  I’ve never particularly liked artificial lighting… I prefer natural.  BUT, I had FUN tonight shooting the sample picture day pictures with my girls!  Alex refused… he doesn’t like to have his picture made at all, and he certainly didn’t want it going on the envelopes for picture day!  I get the last laugh because he’ll be forced to sit for me next week at school since everyone has to have their picture made for the yearbook.  I can’t wait to get a family in the studio and play with these lights and new umbrellas!!

Happy ♥ Greenwood, MS Newborn Photographer

I love family shots like this one… happy ones!  There is so much fun in real life and I LOVE when clients are comfortable and we get a peek at how they really are… happy & fun!♥

Happy Place ♥ Northwest Florida Beach Photographer

If you know much about me personally, you KNOW that I LOVE the beach.  If I could pack up all of my extended family and move there, I’d do it tomorrow!  We had a great time on the beach in July and captured memories for lots of awesome families!  I truly hope that they had as much fun at their sessions as I did.  I rarely show beach shots in black & white but I couldn’t help it with this first shot… I loved the light, the movement in the picture and the expressions and didn’t want to throw color in to confuse all of my favorite things going on here…

♥Take lots of pictures… because life is art.