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EES Christmas Background ♥ Eupora School Photographer

As promised, here is a sample of the background for Christmas pictures on Tuesday, November 3rd.  These shots can include siblings!

{pay no attention to my less than cooperative model… your child will be MUCH better I’m sure!}  ;)

Love & Laughter ♥ Starkville, Mississippi Wedding Photographer

It’s not the first time I’ve said it… love & laughter are my favorites.  I think that’s one reason that I LOVE weddings.  We have met the nicest people who have treated us like family.  That plus the fact that I get to work with my fabulous husband makes them awesome!  I LOVE that he knows what I want him to shoot without me asking for it.  Editing his images feels a lot like being a kid on Christmas morning.  Imagine my delight to find this sweetness that Shane captured.  I pray that she still looks at him like this fifty years from now…

Protector ♥ Starkville, Mississippi Newborn Photographer

She may be older by a few minutes but I have a feeling he’ll always be her protector.  ♥

protector:  a person or thing that protects someone or something.
synonyms:  defender, preserver, guardian, guard, champion, watchdog, ombudsman, knight in shining armor, guardian angel, patron, chaperone, escort, keeper, custodian, bodyguard