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Protector ♥ Starkville, Mississippi Newborn Photographer

She may be older by a few minutes but I have a feeling he’ll always be her protector.  ♥

protector:  a person or thing that protects someone or something.
synonyms:  defender, preserver, guardian, guard, champion, watchdog, ombudsman, knight in shining armor, guardian angel, patron, chaperone, escort, keeper, custodian, bodyguard

Life & Love ♥ Greenwood, Mississippi Newborn Photographer

I love to travel to my clients.  In fact, I love lots of things about my job… travel, meeting new people, playing with kids, watching families grow, sharing in their LOVE, etc.  I could honestly go on and on.  I know I could never have done anything to deserve this life that I live, but I’m thankful for it.